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Gator 3-Jaw Self-Centering
Semi-Steel Body Scroll Chucks
2 Piece Jaws

A1-11 Mount

Model  1-211-1611


Chuck Dia 15.75
Hole Dia (d) 5.1181
RPM max 1,000
Weight 203
Model PS3-16"A/A1-11
B1 6.5000
C/C1 0.7500
G 7.7507
H 5.0591
h 2.6390
Taper Size A1-11
Chuck Mounting Bolts (Thread) 3/4-10
Chuck Mounting Bolts (L) 4.250000
Chuck Mounting Bolts (Qty.) 6
Chuck Mounting Bolts (Part No.) BA-16-11

PS series Universal Semi-Steel

  • 2, 3 jaw & 4 jaw Self-centering Chucks, Semi-steel Body, Medium Duty

  • Plain Back, Adapters required,

3-Jaw ,Type A1/A2, Direct Mount Self-Centering Scroll Chucks With Two Piece Hard Reversible Jaws, Medium Duty

  • Semi-steel body.
  • Type A1 spindle has a 2 bolt hole pattern, inside (size B1) and outside the taper (size B).
  • Either an A1 or A2 chuck will fit on it.
  • Type A2 spindle has 1 bolt pattern, outside the taper (size B).only an A2 chuck will fit on it.
  • Each chuck is provided with:
  • 1 set of hard master jaws
  • 1 set of hard top reversible jaws
  • 1 set of Spindle mounting bolts
  • 1 chuck wrench
  • 2 hex keys

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